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Description: The deciphering of the acronym could lead you to an unexpected full form of Verwendungszweck. Yeah, these jaw twisting German words they have and this particular is used for… “Usage”. But we bet more appropriate and easier to pronounce ways to exploit the three letters combo exist in our world.

Even a German “Verwendungszweck” could be on the list – and even tops that list. The first two letters are recognizable all around the globe where people drive cars. Yes, this is VolksWagen automobile brand we talk about. And since there is no particular VW model starting with the Z you can employ the last symbol for whatever reason you like. Could be a “zone” if the webpage is written in English, “zapad” for Slavic language audience or “Zentrum” if you prefer to stay close to the Urheimat of that famous vehicle brand.

“Zentrum” element happen to be employed for another Deutsch sprache purpose – VWZ stands for some sort of administrative HQ. Ignoring the initial letter might lead to a work zone, to the well-renowned type of data archiving WinZip or even to the African country named Swaziland. Cars seem the most likely motif to drive the abovementioned domain name but other options for employment occur too.

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Keywords: Verwendungszweck, Volkswagen, Zentrum, WinZip

Registrar: Namecheap.com

Appraisal Value:  $ 1,600.00

Registered On: 2017-09-22

Expires On: 2018-09-22

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