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Description: Studying appears to bring the leading in popularity agenda for such 4 letters domain name. Representing one of the highest rank schools of design in America, placed in Rhode Island, occupies the top of a web search for such combination. Not the only institution of education anyway to stand behind the acronym – RISD could go also go for school districts in several US towns like Roswell, Rockwall, Rock Island and Richardson.

Regarding the operating system provided by Microsoft, the combo could be employed in the context of remote installation service with the D playing the role of the “desktop” or “download”. Sustainable development is proclaimed as the main objective of a non-profit Organization based in Rwanda and this result also rank high in a web search.

Department of risk investment and strategy to launch into such business activity might serve in some different sort of manner to exploit this domain as a short form. Or the abbreviation would clue well to the service of risk insurance. Matter of taking changes or losing the opportunity, saving from danger or searching way through to prosperity – just a few examples of a slogan, sounding appropriate for RISD combination if used in the context of risk.

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Keywords: school of design, risk investment, remote installation, sustainable development, risk insurance


Appraisal Value: $ 1,200.00

Registered On: 2016-11-28

Expires On: 2017-11-28

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