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Description: QUANXO has a Chinese-like pronunciation. And UA could stand for Unknown Armies. China’s history is steeped in conflict, trade, and famine, so having mercenary bands roaming the countryside was not unheard of.

 There are many who would like to learn about these exploits, even more so as the silk route is making a return and showing your potential associates that you know of their history is always in your favor.

AN stands for Army and Navy. Showcasing China’s military as a whole with significant events such as purchasing new equipment, the training regiments and so forth could be like poking a hornet’s nest.

There will always be someone willing to comment on such topics and another person who will continue the discussion, and during this whole bickering, you will be getting views.

Once you get enough people checking your articles daily, you could even branch out and cover other topics of interest.

XO is a bit off this track. People have given it the meaning “Hugs and Kisses.” It would be cliche, but a real tourist booking page that arranges trips to the most populated country on Earth is a safe investment with good returns.

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Keywords: China, Military, History, Travel


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Registered On: 2016-07-05

Expires On: 2018-07-05

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