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Domain Details

Description: If we don’t split these three letters and use the .biz extension to guide our prospective users, there are two main ways to go about when applying this domain.

Number one, use it for online banking. IBV stands for Instant Bank Verification and International Bank Vaults. A PayPal site, with actual customer support and working properly, can rake in a lot of profit from the payment fees alone.

Number two, usage for general business purposes. By taking meanings such as Investment By Value, Increasing Bussines Value or Immediate Bearing Value we can direct the focus of our client towards the stormy sea of investing in the right properties at the right time.

Now if we don’t need to have anything with this type of services we can use a different approach and create a site for biology. Using IBV’s meaning of Institute for Biological Variety, a place where any enthusiast can learn about the little things all around us that make the world whole.

Then there are medical terms which use the same abbreviature, Intracellular Assembly of the Coronavirus, Intra-Bronchial Valves and Infectious Bronchitis Virus, living out some medical tip is an option.

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Keywords: Site, Banking, Biology, Medicinal advice

Registrar: DYNADOT, LLC

Appraisal Value: $ 15.00

Registered On: 2017-06-13

Expires On: 2018-06-12

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