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Description: Representing the first three letters of Cyrillic alphabet, such domain name brings one clear message – it was created for Slavic language speaking people. A zone for those who read the “B” symbol not as a “bee”, but as a “V” like in the word “vehicle” for example. The “P” is not a “peach” there, but rather a snarl with more rrrrough sound. Anyway, if you are not familiar with symbols like Г or Ж, probably don’t belong here.

And the script itself happens to be in exploitation only by some of the Slavic nations as Bulgarians – who consider themselves to live in the birth country of the very alphabet, Russian, Ukrainians, Serbs. ABV would be a zone or a place designed for mentioned people but won’t tell a thing to Polacks or Czechs or example.

The domain name might not be anywhere near the Cyrillic script anyway. The abbreviation could be disassembled in an entirely different manner by the English speaking folks. A for alcohol, B for by, V for volume – anyone in UK or USA is aware of that short form. Americans, however, would employ the combo for that mine-clearing vehicle that resembles either a tank and an excavator at the same time.

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Keywords: Cyrillic alphabet, Bulgarian, Slavic language, alcohol, vehicle

Registrar: Namecheap.com

Appraisal Value:  $ 0.00

Registered On: 2017-10-16

Expires On: 2018-10-16

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