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Description: Hardly just a random sequence of digits, this 4 symbols combo hides a code. Such thought might occur after some observation from you, but nothing stalks in secrecy. The code is here, sure, not one for conspiracy, rather one used by American service of Internal revenue, recognized behind the short form IRS.

Actually, that exact combination of numbers stands for certain bus controller, a chip inside the computer configuration, employed by tech giant such as IBM. The extension heads towards much further to a technological adoption of this domain name, since .io often represents the duality of input and output.

Those with cars craze in their mind could uncover another explanation behind 8288 and certainly not a license plate. 1982 issue of famous Oldsmobile model, known as Delta Eighty-Eight.

Turn on your imagination and there are no eights anymore. You see 3 of them, right, but could the first and the third symbol be perceived as a B instead? Well, B2B happens to tell whole lotta different story. What should we do with the last eight? Let us steal it from Bob Geldof and his Live8. Yep, aid in means of help and support targeted to Business-to-business activities, rather appropriate manner of employing that combination.

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Keywords: code, revenue, chip, input, Oldsmobile, B2B, aid


Appraisal Value: $ 230.00

Registered On: 2016-01-17

Expires On: 2018-01-17

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