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Description: Ruddy has both a proper meaning and a not so friendly one. The one that won’t offend people is “healthy red color.” Combining it with fruits, it could advertise the produce of the local farms, small fruit stall in the community and so forth.

The one that will earn you a glare is “damned, ” and well fruits is a derogatory slang for homosexuals so maybe sticking to the proper meaning of Ruddy is the way to go.

 With that said let’s widen the fruit advertising idea. As Ruddy is a British slang, it will gain the most recognition if the target audience in mind is from the Isle.

It is not out of context to use the color as a reminder that people should have a healthy diet. Make a blog, maybe even a bookstore for health related books, and made weekly updates. This could be profitable as health is the issue that is always on the people’s minds.

Or a site with different fruit variety can be made. There were clubs a few years back that in exchange for a monthly subscription kept sending out crates with exotic fruits; people still remember this practice.

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Keywords: Slang, Fruits, Health


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Registered On: 2016-07-23

Expires On: 2017-07-23

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